Tie-down Inspections Florida

It is our responsibility to ensure that your new house is safe for you and your family. HAS Inspections provides a fast tie-down inspection service in Florida. What distinguishes us from the rest is the pace and accuracy of our service. We have a team of state-licensed and experienced home inspectors who can prepare a report in less than 3 days. Our inspectors are also members of InterNACHI, one of the largest associations of home inspectors. 

During a tie-down inspection, we check the main components of a tie-down such as ground anchors and a tension mechanism. Our experts have years of experience and they can detect even the tiniest flaw in a tie-down. The report contains detailed information collected during the inspection with photographs of the same.

Both buyers and sellers can benefit from our service. Sellers can use our service to sell their houses faster, as a certified inspection report can keep the buyers rest assured. With our report buyers can be sure that they are investing in a good house. 

Get in touch with us to schedule a tie-down home inspection. A tie-down inspection from us is the smartest decision you can make.

Mobile Home Tie Down Inspection


Anchors and tie-downs are required on mobile homes to support the structure during heavy winds. Mobile houses are comparatively light in comparison to site-built houses. That is why when purchasing a mobile home, it is critical to do a tie-down examination. 

A home is a significant financial investment. Nobody wants to buy a home and then deal with safety problems. With our precise tie-down inspection service, we at HAS Inspection LLC take responsibility for your and your family's safety. We offer our services across the state of Florida.

The anchors and tension systems are the major focus of the tie-down inspection. Our inspectors are state-licensed and trained, and they will not overlook even the tiniest thing. They're also members of InterNACHI, the most revered and renowned home inspectors' organization across the globe. Our service is swift, which sets us apart from the competition. We can provide you with a thorough report in less than 3 days.

We prepare a comprehensive report including all the major and minor details with images as proof and for easy understanding. 

Convenience, precision and quick service are what sets HAS Inspection LLC apart from the rest. Get in touch with us to schedule a tie-down inspection for your mobile house in Florida.