We have over 15 years’ experience performing Commercial Building Inspections. We are a premier inspection company in the state of Florida promising fast 24-72 hour turn around.

The cost of the inspection is a fraction of a percent of the cost of purchasing a building and can help the wary buyer avoid a costly mistake.

Experienced Building Inspectors

When you’re having a commercial building inspection completed, you are not really learning whether or not the building is feasible or whether it was worth what you paid. Instead, you are learning about the building’s future. For example, you could learn that the roof is on its last legs and will need to be completely replaced within one to two years. You might also learn that the electrical system in the building is out-of-date so it fails to meet basic building code standards which mean you could spend thousands changing the system.

When it comes to working with building inspectors to review your building, you are really talking about a process of analyzing your future risk. Before you finalize the purchase of a property, don’t you want to know how much money you might be required to sink into it in the next couple of years?

If you answered yes, you clearly already understand the value of a commercial building inspection.

Completing the Commercial Inspection

Commercial Building Inspections Tampa FLThe inspection should be completed as early as possible. Do not wait until after you purchase the property or long after the building permitting has finished. You need to take action as soon as possible so you don’t end up making a huge financial mistake.

With a completed inspection report, you can have more bargaining room, too, and this is always a good idea when you are working with sellers or builders. If you suspect you may be spending thousands of dollars in the next few months, make sure the price of the property is reduced or the builders correct the situation.

Call us today and have one of our licensed experienced Building Inspectors help you decide if your investment is a sound investment.