Need an inspection and you don’t see it listed here? Give us a call and if we can’t help you, we can probably refer you to someone who can. We pride ourselves on offering competitive home inspection pricing for today’s market and providing friendly and professional service to our clients. When you request a service from HAS Inspections, you’re not just getting a great inspection, you’re getting your own personal “Inspection-411”. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have, even if you don’t purchase a service from us… and if it isn’t our area of expertise, we’ll point you in the right direction. Need more information? Check out our Standards of Practice. Still didn’t answer your question? Call and speak to one of our experienced inspectors. We are here for you! Check out our home inspection cost below.

Floor Plan Price
1500 sq feet or less: $300
1501-2000 sq feet: $350
2001-2500 sq feet: $400
2501-3000 sq feet: $450
3001-3500 sq feet: $500
3500-4000 sq feet: $600
Over 4000 sq feet: Call for pricing

Home Inspections

  • Add $50.00 for a crawl space
  • Add $50.00 for a pool
  • Add $50.00 for sprinklers

Bundling another inspection like a wind mitigation or 4-point inspection with your home inspection? Ask about our package prices.

Manufactured/Modular Home Inspections

Existing Mfg Hm Price
Compliance Rpt. (Tier 1) $100.00
Compliance Rpt. Final (Tier 2) $200.00
Foundation Cert. (FHA, Conventional) $400.00
Foundation Cert. (VA) $350.00
Report Change fee w/o engineer $75.00
Report Change fee with engineer $100.00
Structural on the additions only $350.00
New Mfg Hm/Mod Hm Price
Pre Cert $350.00
Setup & Delivery $350.00
Foundation $400.00
FHA Final $250.00
Bundle pricing: Setup & del, foundation, final $750.00
Foundation plans: $600.00 and up (call for pricing)

Site-Built Building Inspections

Type Price
Home Inspection $300 and up (see “about Home inspections” at top of page)
Wind Mitigation $150
4-point insurance $150
Commercial Building Inspection $400 and up (call for quote)