Four Areas to Have Inspected this Summer

Your home is likely your largest investment. It’s where you keep all of your belongings, where you invest time in landscaping and improvements you make, where you rest your head at night. As such a substantial investment, it’s important to make sure it’s cared for from the inside out.

Florida Home InspectionWith changing seasons, different wear and tear concerns, energy issues, heating and cooling malfunctions, flooding and more can impact your home. To ensure your home is ready for the summer, it’s best to call a professional home inspector to have a comprehensive review performed that explores different areas of your living space.

We all know that summer brings about hot temperatures, heavy rainfall and other unique concerns like malfunctioning air conditioners, leaky basements or roofs, foundation flaws and other problems. Enlist help from a professional home inspector to make sure your home – whether you’ve lived in it for 50 years or about to move in – is summer ready!

In the summer, the following concerns should be at the top of your list to have checked:

Energy Conservation and Efficiency

It’s important to know if there are any energy problems in your home. Most common is insufficient insulation, which normally is something we think of as a winter issue. The truth is that the same insulation also helps keep cooler air inside your home, as well. However, since insulation is hard to see inside the walls of your home, it’s difficult to know what these problems are – if there are any at all. An inspector will give you a detailed inspection report that gives you insight to any shortcomings uncovered with your insulation so that you can make improvements needed to make your home more efficient.

Drainage and Gutters

During the summer, heavy rains and storms – even hurricanes – can drop massive amounts of water quickly. That’s why it’s important to check your property’s drainage systems. An inspector will check your gutters for any issues like clogs, blockages or component failure to ensure you have proper drainage during heavy rains. An inspector can also check around the foundation to look for signs of water damage, like cracks or other water-related structural concerns. In fact, we can perform complete structural inspections as well to assess any serious concerns and identify potential failures.

Keeping Cool

Summer is hot, so it’s important to know that you can count on staying cool. Making sure your cooling system is running efficiently goes hand-in-hand with making sure your home’s energy efficiency is kicked into full gear. Your home inspector can take a look at your air conditioning and verify the system is running properly. You may even discover that you may be able to save money by making changes to your duct work or replacing your aging AC unit.

Checking Up Top

Last but not least, have your roof inspected for any wear and tear, weathering or other concerns. Heavy winds, driving rains and hail can cause serious damage to roofing materials, and the last thing you want to discover is a leak in the middle of a summer storm. An inspector can look to identify any problems both from the top of the roof and from within an attic space, looking for signs of moisture damage that should be repaired quickly. Plus, if you do discover that you need extensive repairs or an entirely new roof installed, summer is about the best time of year to have that work done.

If you need a home inspection to review your home, enlist the professionals at HAS Inspections. We have worked throughout the state of Florida for years, and offer affordable prices and 24- to 72-hour turnarounds. To learn more or to schedule your home inspection, call us today at 813-681-3597.

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