Home Foundation Engineering & Drafting Design

Home Foundation Planning ServicesFor a variety of reasons a manufactured or modular home is sometimes sold without an engineer-certified foundation plan. It is required in the State of Florida that a foundation plan signed and sealed by an approved Florida PE be submitted with permit applications. Because of our experience and expertise many clients use us to provide those design plans.

The Process Requires Expertise

Designing a foundation plan for a manufactured or modular home requires knowledge of both the Florida Building Code and Chapter 15C-1 of the Rules of the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, Division of Motor Vehicles, Mobile/Manufactured Home Installation Standards. Modulars are governed by the Florida Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) who is also responsible for maintaining the Florida Building Code. The building of manufactured homes is governed by the U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) while the installation of them is controlled by the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles. To be able to properly design a foundation plan for either a modular or manufactured home requires you be knowledgeable with all three components

Roger B. Chewning is our engineer and has designed foundations for modular and manufactured homes for over 20 years. He has worked with the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles on several occasions in collaboration with HUD over Florida’s manufactured home installation standards.

The Process Requires a System

We provide both the engineering and drafting for the foundation plans we provide. Sometimes a particular jurisdiction will allow Roger to merely sign and seal a copy of the manufacturer’s suggested set-up plan but most often that is not sufficient and new drawings are required. Over the years we have worked with a number of independent draftsmen but we have found that developing a long-term relationship with one that we know and have come to trust is a better fit for us and the draftsman. That’s why we use John Ehas of Tampa.

The client provides us a floor plan with brand name and model number, whether it is a modular or manufactured home, and if a modular, whether it will be set up on permanent footers and block stem walls or on piers with straps like a manufactured home. We gather info on the wind zone where the home will be set, the flood zone and elevations, and John does the drawings complete with notes and details on one 11”x 17” page. There are a number of areas where the design can reflect particular likes and dislikes of the set-up crews and these incorporated when possible.

The Process Requires Diverse Products & Flexibility

Because modular and manufactured homes come in single wide, double wide, and triple wide units, some as short as 36 feet while others are over 70’ long, and are set all over the State of Florida in 67 county jurisdictions and hundreds of local city jurisdictions, the design engineer must be flexible and capable of providing a foundation plan to meet each specific home’s needs. That includes installing homes in what is designated as wet soil, in flood zones, or along the coast line within 1,500’ of open water. We have worked with all of these.

In 2010 we were asked to develop a foundation plan that is FEMA-equivalent for flood zones beginning with the letter A. We now have homes in a flood zone in the Punta Gorta area that are installed on dry-stacked blocks with ABS pads, straps and anchors, and are installed on a FEMA-equivalent foundation plan. The plans were provided with wind and flotation calcs as well as flow calcs for water speeds up to 5 feet per second. Call us for more information.

HAS Inspections, LLC is the right place to come for your modular or manufactured home foundation design.