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Is Your Home Ready for Hurricane Season?

Superstorm Sandy hit the New Jersey shore in 2012, but four years later this storm is still talked about because of the massive damage it caused when it made landfall. With total estimated damages of $75 billion, Superstorm Sandy was the second most-expensive hurricane in U.S. history. Only Hurricane Katrina caused more damage. Now, as… Read more »

Four Areas to Have Inspected this Summer

Your home is likely your largest investment. It’s where you keep all of your belongings, where you invest time in landscaping and improvements you make, where you rest your head at night. As such a substantial investment, it’s important to make sure it’s cared for from the inside out. With changing seasons, different wear and… Read more »

Avoid Pitfalls with Rehab Loans

I did some research recently and discovered that since our beginning HAS Inspections has performed over 600 rehab loan inspections (203K/HomePath/HomeStyle). That’s a substantial number and one result has been that we’ve ‘seen it all’ including a number of pitfalls buyers run into on the construction side of the project. Among the biggest, if not… Read more »